take two friend-bots separated by thousands of miles
add a handful passion for electro with a pinch of thoughtful mixing

let the result beep for itself :]

the mix is built from sections each containing 3 tunes and following one and other as seen below


umwelt - realm of eternity

spin fidelity - that sound
plant43 - bioluminiscent trees


erp - vox automaton
morphology - zilog z80
deemphasis - strange visions

illektrolab - dreaming electric
214 - north cascades
low orbit satellite - flying steel

silicon scally - capacitance
sync24 & silicon scally - clickjacking /vox edit/
morphology - 32

lektroid - harmonix

tfhats - like an amateur
jfrank - dilation


morphology - microbal /biodread remix/

morphology - integral domain (hardfloor remix)

dj technician - sync

thanks for listening

all digital assets are from legal sources ;]

    electro, umwelt, spinfidelity, plant43, erp, morphology, deemphasis, illektrolab, 214, loworbitsatellite, siliconscally, sync24, lektroid, tfhats, jfrank, djtechnician, vinyl, traktor, aLive, audacity, atomik, morgontz
    • Type: Mix
    • 169 bpm
    • Key: Gm
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