take two friend-bots separated by thousands of miles
add a handful passion for electro with a pinch of thoughtful mixing

music for bots only
the above selection contains both individual tunes and mixes thats effects to the human brain yet reamins unknown - therefore it's not recommended for human consumption!

the mix is built from sections following each other as seen below

sonar base - photon filters
kik cryounik - basik
datacrashrobot - adaptive opcode

cosmic force - particle 2
t.e.s.t. - malfunction
paul blackford - fist of the north star

mike ash - robots & people
grow - move right along
diamondback kid - anaesthesia

bfx - watchu need
t.e.s.t. - bodacia
grow - 4 my hommiez

dj jc - beyond this planet (curtate)
ohverclock - follow know one (r21's beatz & noize edit)
code rising - ten x robot

...anthony rother - don't stop the beat...
robots on acid - how can any race be so stupid (robodrum rmx)
mike ash - electro producer
kody kommando - kontrol

mike ash - evaporation
e.m.s. - get ghetto
absolute fiction - revolve

anthony rother - when the sun goes down
beagle - my own destruction
blotnik brothers - undualation

for recording we used vinyls, traktor, and ableton live
all programs and digital formats are from legal sources

your 320kbps .mp3 version is only a click away

    sonar base, mr kik cryounik, datacrashrobot, cosmic force, test, paul blackford, mike ash, grow, diamondback kid, bfx, dj jc, ohverclock, code rising, anthony, robots on acid, kody kommando, electro music specialist, absolute fiction, beagle, blotnik brothers, Vinyl, traktor, aLive, atomik, morgontz
    • 94 bpm
    • Key: Abm
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