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DJ | Producing | Remixing by
▓▓▒▒░ †RIEB†Ä†ER ░▒▒▓▓

"Techno is not a genre. For me it is a way of life!" ... this is what the german
DJ think while he looks pensively out the window of his apartment. And if you
know the whole story, suddenly it makes sense!

It took a long time until he decided to Techno. Round about 20 years. But...
things come to those who wait well ;)

"MontagskinT" - because his birthday on May 18th 1987 was a Monday.
That's also the reason why he finds rarely in a bad mood.
"Monday kids are the more fortunate children" he say and smiled.

With the tender age of five he tried to play grandfathers accordeon.
But it was too big. After this he got a melodica, a harmonica, a jew's
harp and later a dulcimer, a traditional bavarian instrument.
With 20 he bought a guitar. And that's it! - However, still far away from
today's style!

The attention to 4/4-time he discovered first with 25. After a visit in the
famous club "U60311", in the middle of downtown, he fell in love with
this music. These kind of monotonous, dark and multifaceted sound
got a place in his heart forever.

And that's why he spends every free minute on his mixer. Always
looking for new sounds, feelings and inspirations.
"I once was asked by someone what's more important for me.
Eyes or ears. I replied ears!!
███▓▒░░..░░▒▓███ Because I've seen a lot, but I haven't heard anything!" ███▓▒░░..░░▒▓███

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