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A veteran of the deep house scene who returned from a 12-year-hiatus in 2015, German producer Platzdasch specialises in a particularly lush and groovy take on the genre, full of wide atmospherics, classic samples and strong melody. Releases in recent times on Gents & Dandy’s Records and Masterworks Music have marked him out as a compelling force, and with a new collaborative partnership with a talented keyboard player now in the mix, he looks set to keep churning out quality house music in the near future.

"First of all I feel very honoured to be able to join the great circle of producers who have contributed a Monologues podcast so far. Thanks to Ben Gomori!

The tunes I selected characterise my musical work since I return from musical retirement and it's great to realize that I found my way back into the music, perhaps more than ever before. Since I rarely listen to my finished and released songs it was a happy reunion as well!"

    0:20   Platzdasch - Feelin 88
    25:40   Platzdasch - Mo Slowtion
    33:40   Platzdasch - Two Decades
    38:00   Platzdasch - Most Valued

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