Welcome to the 2nd chapter of the Deep Electronics Special.

The Deep Electronics Specials gives a inside look at artists. Showing them where they started or maybe taking a turn into another genre. NOT always the music you hear on Deep Electronics!

This time Monochord is the one that provide us with a set with the music where he started from. Some years ago he began in the genre called Progressive/ Psygressive. It's a genre within the psychedelic community.

With this set he gives us a listen into his roots.


  1. Morten Granau - 7 Seas
  2. Captain Hook & Astrix - Bungee Jump (Suntree Remix)
  3. Durs - Stonehenge
  4. Kularis - Entry
  5. Zanon - Open Your Mind
  6. Timelock - True Raver
  7. Coming Soon - Fear
  8. Ruback - Aquavici
  9. Ghost Rider & Ruback - Save It (Cosmonet Remix)
  10. Jacob - Reborn
  11. Neelix - Call Me (Remix)
  12. Tezla - Mexico
  13. Durs - Coast to Coast
  14. Ranji & Metronome - Down The Road

Bio Monochord:

I started producing electronic music in the year 2000 after few years playing the trumpet in a Band.
In the earlier years i often switched my style from trance, progressive psytrance, minimal, techno, house, to my style. A mix between dub techno, deep house, minimal and progressive.

Formerly i produced music as "Emtex" and "The Tape Headz"

In 2014 i changed my whole studio setup from computer to 100% hardware wich was also the beginning of my new project "Monochord"

Influences are coming from jam sessions with the hardware gear and several producers like Basic Channel, Brendon Moeller, Luke Hess, Marko Fürstenberg, Quantec, Echospace, Minilogue, Dataline,...

My soundstyle is a mix between dub, dubtech, dub techno, mnml, house and other genres like idm or ambient but i call it Progressive Dub Tech

Fractal design and manipulation by Jeroen Smulders

    Morten Granau - 7 Seas
    Captain Hook & Astrix - Bungee Jump (Suntree Remix)
    Durs - Stonehenge
    Kularis - Entry
    Zanon - Open Your Mind
    Timelock - True Raver
    Coming Soon - Fear
    Ruback - Aquavici
    Ghost Rider & Ruback - Save It (Cosmonet Remix)
    Jacob - Reborn
    Neelix - Call Me (Remix)
    Tezla - Mexico
    Durs - Coast to Coast
    Ranji & Metronome - Down The Road

    progressive, trance, dj, mix, psychedelic, goa, deep electronics, podcast, psy, monochord, emtex
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