We've been holding these remixes back for a while, as when it was originally planed to release them, our little world was shattered by the sad news of the death of MJ White...

Now, after a long time of sadness and mourning about this sad fact and the loss of an amazing friend and artist, we got ourself together and finally get this BEAUTY of a track out again in form of 2 new and fabulous remixes by Rhythmic Groove and Zonum!

Rhythmic Groove take things back, way back to the Beach we'd say, and deliver a laidback and chilled groove that perfectly works MJ's awesome vocals on this track, while Zonum once again prove why we love them, as they go for a more funky and energetic mix, though they still manage to give the track some kinda Sadness that isn't negative at all, just represents our feeling with this track! Well done to both of them!


Delivered by Label Worx on behalf of Mjuzieek Digital

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