Originally titled '42', now titled 'The Pale Blue Dot'. The music in this mix comes from labels and artists who were donating all the proceeds at the time to helping support regular people, like you and I, impacted by the conflict in Ukraine. The charities benefitting were Red Cross Ukraine / DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee), UNICEF (Children of Ukraine), People In Need - SOS Ukraine, Sunflower Of Peace and local on the ground support in Dnipro via Ukrainian musician Igor Yalivec.

There's a short blog post and fully linked up tracklist over here -



  1. Carl Sagan - Pale Blue Dot (Youtube link)
  2. Simon McCorry - Ash (Binaural Space)
  3. Embassy Of Sound - How Come When I Close My Eyes I See The World So Clearly (Binaural Space)
  4. Jordan GCZ - Rob Mod (Music From Memory)
  5. Alex Ho - Idle Brain (Music From Memory)
  6. MLO - Emptiness (Music From Memory)
  7. Alita & Papa - Peacing Pieces (Home Normal)
  8. Dazion - Ponds & Lakes (Music From Memory)
  9. Dirk Jacobs - At The Edge (Binaural Space)
  10. Chris Prine & Boiling Sky - To Float (Binaural Space)
  11. Jad Baron - Spirits (Binaural Space)
  12. Darren Harper - Sunflower Dream (Home Normal)
  13. Elin Piel - Where Are You Luminous Moss (Muzan Editions)
  14. Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft - Strøm (Music From Memory)
  15. Trigg & Gusset - Locked Outside (Preserved Sound)
  16. Lexx - Prelude To Happiness (Extended) (The Sound Of Now - Music For Ukraine)
  17. Suso Sâiz - Horizante 327 (Music From Memory)
  18. Kayak - Astra (Flaming Pines)
  19. DZM - Fearful Man (Binaural Space)
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    Chillout, abstract, ambient, downtempo, electronica
    • Type: DJ-Set
    • Aberdeenshire, UK
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