This set was created in a very special kind of adventure mixing: I really had NO eqiupment! No mixer, no headphones, no box, no stereo system....all I've had was my Laptop and on it luckily are all my tracks, my program for mixing and I got a mouse (+pad!! -haha-). So it was a little bit easier to work anyway at all :-)
I told you about this "extreme challege" I mastered a few days ago....because there are two small/short parts which would not have been created if I would have had a "little" bit more technical prerequisites or options at all. ;-)
BUT it although was a great experience for me at all:
Because it's like that we are accustomed using high-quality equipment for create our kind of sound.
But it really doesn't matter where, with which kinds of music devices, which LABELS (!!) you'll working with - that means it doesn't matter wicht variety of quality you have to use to: IF you wanna MAKE MUSIC you'll always find a way to make it HAPPEN !!! ;-) HOPE YOU'LL ENJOY THE MUSIC THE SPIRIT AND THE SOUND ~ Kind regards by misstape ~

> just listen about me . . .it is as deep as a feeling can be ~ * ~
magic is possible and real :-)

    0:00   David Quinto - Constellation

    • Type: DJ-Set
    • Release Date: 09/09/2016 7:01 PM
    • 124 bpm
    • © Creative Commons: Attribution, Noncommercial
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