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    Prais' Yaoriginal

    Prais' Ya by Mildly∞Curious
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Track List
camille-yarbrough-take-yo-praise-praise-you-kasplatty-remix_ KasPlatty
Pebbles On My Road Akshin Alizadeh
The Black keys - Little Black Submarines (Ageless Remix) Ageless
Dream the Impossible (Drumspyder Remix) AfroQBen
Kiss My Baby (2 Dam Funky Edit)
Curse Of The Black Panther Vitamin D
Turn Up The Beat Tom Showtime
Hare Krishna Thievery Corporation Feat. Seu Jorge
Audio Drown The New Groovement
Once Again Featuring Jah Kamonzi The Fort Knox Five
Feel Alright (Bass mix) The Captain
NRG ft. Vicious 5150 & Mista Mead The MuthaFunkers
Red Dawn (B!unt Force ReFunk) SwAy
All About You - 6A - 6 Sir Alex
Freedom Shaka
Come Together (Rhythm Scholar Remix) Rhythm Scholar

    5:20   Akshin Alizadeh - Pebbles On My Road
    12:40   AfroQBen - Dream the Impossible
    21:20   DJ Vitamin D - Curse Of The Black Panther
    25:00   Tom Showtime - Turn up the Beat
    29:20   Thievery Corporation - Hare Krisna
    32:20   The New Groovement - Audiodrown
    37:40   Fort Knox Five - Once Again
    47:00   Sway - Red Dawn (B!unt Force ReFunk) [Bonus Track]
    50:00   Sway - Red Dawn
    51:20   Sir Alex - All About You
    55:20   Shaka - Freedom

    • Type: DJ-Set
    • 95 bpm
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