Captivating Content 004 INNERVISIONS RADIO

An hour of blissfully binding beats and experimental sounds in this months mix... It took some time to put this together but the final result delivers...

Captivating Content 004 Tracklist
01: What if Money Was No Object - What would you Do - Youtube Rip :)
02: Unterwasser - Stacie Flur
03: Cant You See - Trim The Fat
04: Lizard (Rewoven Mix) - Kazusa
05: Tiffiland (Original Mix) - Limo
06: Leeknath (Original Mix) - Seb Dhajje
07: BendeliGht - Naturiala (Silinder Remix)
08: Calista Nantes (Original Mix) - Seb Dhajje
09: Cloud No 9 (Original Mix) - Guy J
10: This Love (Egokind Edit) - Julia Stone
11: Nozomi (Original Mix) - Yusuke Hiraoka

  • Music is love in search of a word.
    Sidney Lanier

Captivating Content - "The thinking man's electronica"

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