This mix was a promo for Honkytonks, designed to promote the sound of our Saturday night residency in an era before Soundcloud and Youtube prevailed.

Funnily I can't remember anything about the recording of this mix... in reference to earlier sets from my archive I mentioned this ability to visualise the mix as it happened... but with the success of Honkytonks came much celebration, and the good times cost me a few brain cells and made for some blurry memories. It was totally worth it, however, and we have this mix as a partial record of what happened, even though I can't tell you anything else about it.

This mix is interesting when compared to the next in my archive series... this promo was an "anything goes" journey in diversity, while the next was an official mix CD release for which the brief was "make it timeless"... so I guess between the two there's a solid record of what we were doing with the night and what I was doing with my DJing.

x MC

    11:40   Dirt Crew - Jack
    33:20   Michael Mayer - Status Now
    42:40   Wighnomy Brothers - Pele Bloss
    50:20   Ada - Luckycharm
    56:00   Andre Kraml feat. Schad Privat - Safari
    59:40   DJ T. - Rising

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