This is a funny one... I was offered a Saturday night residency at a brand new club, and to set the tone for the night and let people know what they could expect we released a mix... then the 'residency' lasted only a week.

I really love the music herein and was excited to present similar on a weekly basis, but about 20 minutes into my first set I got the "can you play something with vocals?" directive from the bar manager... and needless to say I didn't think myself the man for the job. The residency lasted a week, but I still enjoy the mix and I'm glad to see that since this time the club has found a nice groove (no hard feelings - sometimes it's all about connecting the right DJ with the right audience).

x MC

    2:00   Dauwd - Kolido
    5:40   Idioma - Pandore
    21:00   Rachel Row - Follow The Step
    37:40   Vermont - Majest├Ąt
    43:40   The Silent Ones - The Magical Party

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