This mix was my heart and soul that year (2006). I spent months licensing each of the tracks and compiled and mixed one of the two discs alongside fellow resident Aram, and we saw this CD land on record store shelves around the world. It was a thrill to have someone send a photo of the cover (featuring "Billy Ray Jesus by Michael Delany, haha!) from Tokyo, or a note telling me "I'm at a lock-in at this club in Berlin and they're playing your mix". It felt like the Honkytonks message was international, and I was incredibly honoured to be a messenger.

It was also a sad time. The club closed in the days after NYE 2007 (that was one helluva party!) and we said goodbye to a legend. I hit the road that year for my first European gigs at clubs such as Watergate and Cookies in Berlin, Low Club in Madrid and others. When I returned to Melbourne it felt kind of empty, but thankfully not for long.

More mixes to come! x MC

    20:40   Robert Babicz - Organic Boogie
    30:20   Gwilhoo - To Be Loved
    45:00   Cosmic Sandwich - Cosmic Sandwich (Dominik Eulberg RMX)
    1:01:20   Luciano - Octagonal
    1:08:40   Closer Musik - Maria

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