This is my DJ Set at Berlin from 2015-09-19.
When I play Ambient Electronica I totally free my mind from rocking a dancefloor.
I dive into sounds, rhythm and noises, remodel them in speed and pitch, deconstruct them with the endless possibilities of modern DJ software (Traktor) and set sail for a journey to yet undiscovered territory. This mix is very dark-hearted and gloomy. Do you dare to join me?
P.S.: STEMS and Remix Packs used by Liquid Sky Berlin, SFX and Native Instruments

    Rødhåd - Venusianische Hölle [Dystopian]
    Monolake - Dystopia [Imbalance Computer Music]
    Monolake - Error [Imbalance Computer Music]
    L own - Dubious [Mindtrick Records]
    Ulf Lohmann - Refresh [Kompakt]
    Matt Krefting - Tiger’s Owl [Kye]
    SFX - Attack Of The [Telepathic Bubblebath]
    Clock DVA - Rayonist Refraction 1 [Anterior Research Media Comm]
    SFX - Audio Darkroom (Directors Cut) [Telepathic Bubblebath]
    Ulf Lohmann - PCC [Kompakt]
    SFX - Audiosoftware In My Head [Telepathic Bubblebath]
    Sven Schaller - All Black (Intro) [Nonlinear Systems]
    Monoloc - Things [CLR]
    Rødhåd - Kinder der Ringwelt [Dystopian]
    SFX - Tools #1 [Telepathic Bubblebath]
    Rødhåd - Planet der Verlorenen [Dystopian]
    RQ - Sorrow Of The Hunter [Dystopian]
    Nils Frahm - Our Own Roof [Erased Tapes]
    North - Ocoeur [N5MD Records]
    Boska - Aspartam [Love OD Communications]
    Borealis - Imago VX [Tipping Hand Recordings]
    Suicideyear - When You Sleep [Software Recording Co.]
    Mijk van Dijk - Relaxxx [unreleased]

    • Type: DJ-Set
    • Release Date: 2015-09-19
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