Audeka - Lost Souls - 14 - Purify
Forthcoming on MethLab Recordings - 23 // 09 // 2016
Artwork by SHVLFCE

He closed the remaining distance in a moment, the entity towering above him - the great weapons it held in its deformed appendages swung down with deadly intent. But something was happening within Velok, time slowed as the broken world around him came into sharp clarity. Layers of reality peeled away, revealing dimensional architecture of pure, breath-taking complexity and depth. Components and code inside him merged, his ancestors technologies transforming within him, combining with hidden artifacts left within him by the oracle - aligning and perfecting his system, unlocked by the terminality of this moment. He had stopped in time and space, those great scythes fixed in place above him, unthreatening, still… he witnessed his orbfield flicker into life powerfully, particles of energy flowing from him up into it, slowly intensifying in the stillness of the moment.. time resumed with a strobing flicker of existence. The orb around him grew stunningly bright, releasing a wave of pure energy, expanding relentlessly throughout the cavern and leaving only silence in its path. The dread shaman’s arms fell limp, implements of death falling loudly to the ground beside Velok as it’s corpse tumbled back into the depths of the crevice. Velok stood firm and still, anchored in the present.. washed in the glowing power of his form. Then he remembered… looking back toward his people, he saw them stirring… moving.. as if waking up from a horrific dream and testing their newfound freedom. His love was standing, staring in his direction with tear-filled eyes, then he was falling… his vision slipped away into glitch.. his mind left him.

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    Lost Souls, Audeka, MethLab
    • 129 bpm
    • Key: Gbm
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