Audeka - Lost Souls - 12 - Altar of the Lost
Forthcoming on MethLab Recordings - 23 // 09 // 2016
Artwork by SHVLFCE

Still on his feet, back in the real.. mere nanoseconds had passed - his body just starting to fall to the ground. Muscles tensed, he snapped himself back, renewing the grasp on his blade, feet firm with absolute resolution - there was no time to waste, hope remained - his love might yet be alive. Striding past the now silent mechanism of the archdemon he crossed the chamber to the only other doorportal, moving with all of the speed his will could push his body to. The corridor was heavy with dark energy, a morbid passage filled with dread and interference - but he was indifferent, focussed, driven by ultimate universal forces. He slowed as he approached the far opening cautiously.. bewildered by what he saw there… as though the laws of physics ceased.. a broken landscape, parts suspended in the air, overlooking an endless dark crevice… there were people.. his people.. he’d found them.. he fought the urge to rush forward and cry to them - something was wrong - they stood, hunched without motion.. alive, but lifeless.. a great deformity stood menacingly above them, gargantuan tools of death in its limbs, bristling with technology… one of his tribe was kneeling sullen before the monstrosity as if uttering a quiet plea… then several things happened in the same moment - as it raised its obscene tools, twin cable like appendages leapt forth from it ghastly head unit, plunging through the very eyes of his kinsmen and burrowing into his skull. The victim’s scream pierced Velok’s heart, their body quivered within the onset of death’s rigid grasp.. through his implants Velok witnessed the energy transfer, the digitised soul passing with agonising slowness out of the soon to be corpse… Those vile weapons swung down as the process completed, severing the body brutally into 4 pieces - extracting any remaining bio-energy left within what had once been a person, before coldly sweeping the remains into the bleak depths of the crevice. Velok stood aghast in the face of the overwhelmingly quiet blanket of death, looking over the forms of his people waiting for that terrible fate, and then he saw her.. that golden hair spilling over her cast down face.. incapacitated, unmoving.. silent.

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    Audeka, Lost Souls LP, MethLab
    • 90 bpm
    • Key: Fm
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