Audeka - Lost Souls - 07 - Demon's Keep
Forthcoming on MethLab Recordings - 23 // 09 // 2016

Beyond the horrors of the forest, a scarred landscape greeted his eye, aching and tired from the perpetual gloom in vile harmony with the lingering pain in his skull from the dimensional transition. But there upon the horizon, a pale cyan glow was present - unmissable against the dull backdrop of the forsaken light of this place. A memory of this light, implanted by the oracle surfaced urgently in his mind… His advancement across the wasteland toward the source was arduous, his limbs felt as though the very landscape was draining his energy by contact. Thoughts of his lost love pulled deep to his core, compelling him toward his fate - the shadow of a vast structure cast by that discomforting blue light. As he drew close, its magnitude impressed itself upon him fully, towering into the void above, surrounded by menacing obelisks scrawled with inhuman glyphs… a vacuum formed inside his gut, the overpowering terror of reaching his destination.. the fear of what he would find of his people. There was no time to hesitate, the entrance beckoned his perception, the sharp hooks of destiny pulled him within.

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    Audeka, Lost Souls LP, MethLab
    • 110 bpm
    • Key: Gm
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