This time, I made a track which progresses speedily.
So This is 200 BPM.
I don't know what genre of this track. drum'n'bass? Jungle? Breakcore?
Anyway, It's really that I made it very well, isn't it?

    Electronicore, Electronicore, megasplings, soundtrap, electronic, electro, breakbeats, amen-break, amenbreak, drum, n, bass, drum'n'bass, DrumNBass, Drum And Bass, Drum&Bass, Drum & Bass, music, noise, Jungle, underground, at sixteen
    • Version: 1.0
    • Type: Original
    • Release Date: 07/25/2019 02:31
    • 200 bpm
    • Key: Am
    • © All rights reserved
    • ็›ธๆจกๅŽŸๅธ‚, ไธญๅคฎๅŒบ, ๆ—ฅๆœฌ
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