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Me and Music Digital Label is sub-label fully owned, managed and controlled by Sanelow Label. The label aims to distribute music for all willing underground artists to almost all digital stores. The label is relatively new, and it was founded in the early days of 2016. Independent artists willing to distribute their music under our label should simply send us an email, and we will respond to their email with further information.

We once more aiming to distribute new, quality and underground music to every individual in the world. Fast rising underground names such as Themetique, Lakwats, FonnikDeep, Samlas, Caprivian, Dr Asanda, Jouzyaz have already released their music under our label.

For enquiries and bookings, email meandmusicdistributors@gmail.com

    0:00   Sawako - Locus of Everyday Life
    11:00   Derek Mwenesi feat. Stuce the Sketch - Yoyoma
    17:20   Stereo Flight - Morning Calm
    18:40   Marie Therese - Gin & Tonic
    27:00   Koop - In a Heartbeat
    32:20   Counting Clouds - Believe in Love
    35:40   Jazzanova - Fedimes Flight (Kyoto Jazz Massive mix)
    42:40   Merge Of Equals - My Love for You
    47:00   Mo'jardo - Tequila Days
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