After i listened the new Enigma album, i got an idea. What if i put "the stories" and "the music" (originally separated on 3 distinctive CD's) together and see how it flows?
And it works! And that's because the music and the poems fits so well together, to complete the scenario in a single, unique composition.

Technically, it's a mix, because i inserted the poems between and over the songs, and i mixed the songs but morally... it MAY (or not) looks like an immoral and also illegal file sharing.

Because of that, i think that the good call for this particular case will be to not make this episode available for public download, and only to post it for listening hereand to post the directions for anyone who enjoy it, to the places where you can buy the brand new original Enigma album.

Thank you for understanding this! Listen to my mix here, and after that, go and buy the original release because it's one of the best downtempo album in the history and it can't be missed if you like this genre!
You can buy the brand new Enigma album from here:

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  1. The Story Of Circle Eight 00:00:00
  2. Circle Eight (feat. Nanuk) 00:00:56
  3. La Historia De Circle Eight 00:01:37
  4. The Story Of The Omega Point 00:02:24
  5. The Omega Point 00:04:05
  6. La Historia De The Omega Point 00:09:07
  7. The Story Of Diving 00:10:49
  8. Diving 00:12:11
  9. La Historia De Diving 00:14:24
  10. The Story Of The Die Is Cast 00:15:43
  11. The Die Is Cast (feat. Mark Josher) 00:17:36
  12. La Historia De The Die Is Cast 00:20:37
  13. The Story Of Mother 00:22:31
  14. Mother (feat. Anggun) 00:24:24
  15. La Historia De Mother 00:27:20
  16. The Story Of Agnus Dei 00:29:15
  17. Agnus Dei 00:31:55
  18. La Historia De Agnus Dei 00:34:39
  19. The Story Of Sadeness (Part II) 00:37:20
  20. Sadeness (Part II) (feat. Anggun) 00:39:49
  21. La Historia De Sadeness (Part II) 00:43:16
  22. The Story Of Lost In Nothingness 00:45:47
  23. Lost In Nothingness 00:47:26
  24. La Historia De Lost In Nothingness 00:50:16
  25. The Story Of Oxygen Red 00:51:56
  26. Oxygen Red (feat. Anggun) 00:53:45
  27. La Historia De Oxygen Red 00:57:31
  28. The Story Of Confession Of The Mind 00:59:21
  29. Confession Of The Mind 01:01:55
  30. La Historia De Confession Of The Mind 01:04:49
  31. The Story Of Absolvo 01:07:25
  32. Absolvo 01:08:42
  33. La Historia De Absolvo 01:10:03
  34. The Story Of Amen 01:11:22
  35. Amen (feat. Aquilo) 01:12:42
  36. La Historia De Amen 01:17:13
  37. Michael Cretu & Thiers - Snowin Under My Skin 01:18:34

    Ambient, Chillout, Ambient, Vocal, Lounge, New Age
    • Type: Mix
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