The first Bass Agenda show of 2016 celebrates the release of the third in the Fundamental Records Time-capsule series aka 808 box. And in part two DJ Marvin returns with a Detroit Electro flavoured guest mix.

Part 1 -
More info:

Illektrolab & 4th Genome - Bass Agenda Intro
CPU - Another World
Penelope Martin - QV33
Holtz - 33
Luke Eargoggle - A Dream
Alek Stark - Interdimensional Entity
Patronen - DDD
Kitbuilders - Strange
Cygnus - Soul Electric
Helena Hauff - Haar
The Exaltics - New Station
Beta Evers - Deep Down
Noise&Noise - Dark Forest
Achim.Bloch - Dereliction 05
Dmitry Distant - Lobotomy

Part 2 - Guest mix by Marvin
More info - @marvin_ur

Underground Resistance - Death Of My Neighbourhood
DJ Stingray - VLF Device
AUX 88 - Electro Muzik
Body Mechanic - Peace Of Mine
B. Calloway - Direct Maniac
The Infiltrator - I'm In
Underground Resistance - Interstellar Crime Report
DJ Skurge - The Time Haters
Underground Resistance - Kill My Radio Station
Mad Mike - Hi Tech Dreams
Andre Holland - Inversions
Drexciya - Red Hills of Lardossa
Model 500 - Electric Night (feat Mark Taylor, Juan Atkins, Mike Banks, & DJ Skurge)

    Electro, Marvin-UR040
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