This is a song I wrote 10 ys ago (just like 'FATE!' ( and I had so much fun re-recording it! The incredible guitar solo is provided by Boudewijn the KING (

This song is about not being able to be where you want to be at a given time. Did you like the track? Click the 'repost' button!


I just will never stop explaining
And I know I can be hard to understand
But when everybody looks..
..Like I'm talking Chinese
I'm dying for you to have a seat

I know I'll never stop complaining
Cause the world can be a jail when you try to live
But when everybody hides..
.. in their own world of lies
You will always stay.. You will always stay..

I look at you and I see a child
Fighting tears with both eyes
Sometimes I'm out of words
But you don't need a single one to read me
With the speed of reflections of light

I just will never stop wondering,
Why nobody sees me like the way you do,
I don't want to be the same..
.. but why would anybody care
You're the only one who isn't sleeping..

You stare at me and when you try to reach,
I feel your tears in my heart,
I can never run to you,
but you are everywhere around,
For me to speak without..
..using words

You're so unreachable, you travel with the speed of light,
And when I reach out for your hand, the mirror will break...
I'm so unreachable, I'm just too many planets away,
And when you reach out for my hand, the mirror will break...

Thanks to the songwriters-in-the-kitchen forum ( for reviewing and providing feedback!

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