Here's my latest song 'DJ' Enjoy the listen!


You didn't know before, and you sure couldn't hide
Your eyes were filled with, happiness and pride
That expression on your face, was hard for me to forget
A cold fresh tonic, no cigarette...

DJ... We were so close and we didn't conceal
DJ... Now we're so confused, it is surreal..
DJ... If you could see us in each others arms, you'd feel an even stronger flame
DJ... And you will always hear us calling out your name

Dreams frozen into ice, a mix of wine and tears in your glass,
You were so cold outside, yellow fingertips, smoke and lighter gas.
I could tell from the look in your eyes, but I didn't know what to say,
Cause all the passion of the day before went so far away...


'We know there'll be tomorrow, the same palette but another color scheme,
Where the flame you lit will be the love to melt our dreams'

Thanks a mill to @crystalsuzy ( and monnodb ( for the help with the lyrics!

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