Welcome to the first special of our mix series. The guest is Spanish Dj and techno music producer Korben Nice from the techno collective BAHN· Barcelona.

On this very special occasion, Korben Nice has recorded this set with the intention of capturing in the mind and ears a journey with styles such as electronic, ambient, and techno.

The set starts and ends with 135 bpm, made up of 35 tracks.

Most of this tracklist are promos, there is also some unreleased record and musical selections that he's buying.

Enjoy the trip!

Tracklist -

  1. Wrong Assessment - New Chronology (Original Mix) [Antiterra]
  2. TESST - Exit Where (Original Mix) [MSDMNR]
  3. Abdulla Rashim - Asayita 2 (Original Mix) [Abdulla Rashim Records]
  4. Rove Ranger - Endlosrille003 (Original Mix) [Android Muziq]
  5. James Ruskin - Solution (Original Mix) [Blueprint Records]
  6. Franz Jager - Processed Hammer (Original Mix) [Hayes]
  7. Pulso - Reincidencia (Original Mix) [West Rules]
  8. Sandro Galli - Pulsating Phase (Original Mix) [Counter Pulse]
  9. Truncate - Multiply (Original Mix) [Truncate]
  10. Judaz - Vileness I (Original Mix) [Non Series]
  11. Michel Lauriola - Sillage (Original) [Black Codes]
  12. A.Paul - Alienation (Temudo Remix) [Sleaze Records (UK)]
  13. Drop-E - A State Of Anarchy (Original Mix) [West Rules]
  14. Andrea Belluzzi - Q2 (Original Mix) [Corpus Black]
  15. Gabriel D'Or & Bordoy - Descendants (Original Mix) [Dynamic Reflection]
  16. Linear System - Isolation (Original Mix) [Sculptures]
  17. Francesco Terranova - Electromotive (Dekeyden Remix) [ePM Music]
  18. Wrong Assessment - Elohim (Original Mix) [Antiterra]
  19. A.Paul - Alienation (Original Mix) [Sleaze Records (UK)]
  20. Vegim - Cycle (Original Mix) [Secret Keywords]
  21. Crime As Service - Zinc (Original Mix) [Dynamic Reflection]
  22. Nicolas Cetina - Universos Simulta’neos (Vertical Spectrum Remix) [Hxagrm Records]
  23. Anthony Tring - Dead Hope (Original Mix) [AWRY]
  24. Korben Nice - Dazzle (Original Mix) [Dynamic Reflection]
  25. A Thousand Details - Forzgar (Original Mix) [ATD]
  26. Pfirter - Facing Dystopia (Original Mix) [Mord]
  27. NWHR - Falling (Original Mix) [R]3volution
  28. Electric Rescue - Bio Mutations (Original Mix) [Skryptom Records]
  29. Korben Nice - Circonio (Original Mix) [Cosmic Wave Records]
  30. Inigo Kennedy - Spiral Agendas (Original Mix) [30D Records]
  31. Crime As Service - Hidden Cobra (Original Mix) [Dynamic Reflection]
  32. Ash/Cyklos - Neodynium (Unreleased) [BAHN· Records]
  33. Pekka Jerkku - Vierimä
  34. Divide - Mesosfera (Original Mix) [MindTrip]
  35. Stanislav Tolkachev - Treatment Too Satisfying (Original Mix) [Alderic Records]



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    • 135 bpm
    • Key: Em
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