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Profile description of Mariano Brothers in arms:

I began to be Dj at 90, in Spain. Guitars, machines and dance music. Using Technics. Later, at 2003 I left it because my job included weekends. Only in my house, with my brother, making recordings for friends and our personal enjoy. I like very much 80 and 90`s music. Is my gold age. After, for the tendence of music, I prefer Trance, and actually techno, trance or progressive trance. I think now the people make very good music. And sounds, the quality has increased last times. This is the reason to follow with the sessions. Using time code vinyl. Sometimes, only Traktor S2, without synchro, for time reasons. The old sessions are recordings on vynil only, using Technics.

    0:00   Paul Denton - Brisa (Intro Mix)
    4:30   Paul Denton - Brisa
    6:00   Liam Melly/Jessica Doherty - Lord It's a Feeling (Extended Mix)
    8:00   Liam Melly/JSKA - Lord It's A Feeling (FYH300)
    10:30   Dan Cooper - Tipping State (Extended Mix)
    17:30   Gayax - Vortex (Extended Mix)
    25:00   Temple One - In Everything I See
    29:00   Chris Schweizer - The Other Side (FYH295)
    30:00   Chris Schweizer - The Other Side
    34:00   Igor Garam - Revival (Original Mix)
    41:30   Talla 2XLC/Jonah - Sssst...listen
    47:00   Pierre Pienaar - White Light (Extended Mix)
    51:30   MaRLo & Jantine - For You (FSOE 746) [Elucidus Remix]
    1:02:00   John O'Callaghan & Deirdre McLaughlin - Saving Grace (Activa presents Mekk V Extended Remix)
    1:07:00   Roman Messer - Suanda Music (Suanda 312) (Intro)
    1:11:30   Amazingblaze - Venture
    1:17:30   Adam Taylor - Ineffable (Extended Mix)
    1:22:30   Fergie - Take U There (Rr023)
    1:28:00   Arctic Moon & Parnassvs - Become Human (Extended Mix)
    1:32:00   XiJaro & Pitch - Sic Parvis Magna (Yoshi & Razner Extended Remix)
    1:39:30   RAM, Ahmed Romel & Julie Thompson - Live For 2

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