A long time ago when i was just starting with music and taking it a bit more seriously and exploring other genre's instead of simple pop songs. I wrote this song with two others. We hoped to create a massive rock opera which had about 10 to 15 themes but we never finished the idea, life changed for all of us and we went on to do other things. I lost the original tapes of us all playing it live and jamming it. I did find an old tape of me trying to reconstruct the idea but again it was never completed. This song was the main theme of the rock opera I thought I'd revisit the idea as I thought It was a special song but I could never really do it justice. I had the ideas but not the tools and the ability to get the results I was hearing in my head. The original piece had guitars and so I asked Graham (Lavallin) if he would contribute some guitars to the piece and I was so happy when he contributed his awesome guitar. It finally made the song sound complete with fantastic new ideas and melody's. He has taken this song to a new level so many thanks to him. Check Lavallins music out at @lavallin
Hope you enjoy this as I've enjoyed revisiting and making this one :)
Lyrics by MHolland, JWHolland and ALPerrett(1994/1995)
Original arrangement and music by MHolland, JWholland and ALperrett
Vocals, music, Bass and arrangement of new piece by Stargrace (MHolland)
Guitars and extra guitar composition by Graham Lavallin

Thanks so much for listening :)
Shores of Possibility

I lie on shores of possibility
My mind a whim of unknown symmetry
The thoughts I have are like fish in the sea
The many out there are the mirrors in me

Am I mad or am I insane
Is it just a trick within my brain?
Continues dream that shows no end
Scary mirrors show a different man

Insane dreams devour my being inside
The truth I know hurts more than lies
Life is the Atom, the Atom is me
I lie on Shores of possibility

    deep, Great gig in the sky, progressive rock, Alternative, Rock Ballad, pink floyd
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