My contribution to the Atmospherik Mekanisms project using all sounds from the forthcoming 99sounds library of the same name apart from my drums and vocals, Many thanks to 4th Eden and Martin Eve for the use of his fantastic library, Hope you like it!

Get back on the Right Side

AAHH.. Wont you Tell me who you really are..
AAHH… Won’t you Tell me what you really want…
Verse 1
It’s like this.. The unknown.. Waiting Game.. all Over Blown..
Just beyond my fingertips.. Happiness.. from sugar lips..
Accelerate to a better place.. No more talk.. Cut to the chase
Been through too much.. to let it go.. Decision time, just let me know.
How can I get through to you?

That’s what you do, You drag your feet, What do you want. What do you need..
We’ve got the World at our Fingertips.. We could be running wild over the blips
Why let it slide.. to a dark place.. All that’s past.. Just gone to waste
We lit the Fire.. Lets make it roar.. Lets make it burn.. Its now our turn
How can I get through to you?

Verse 2
I’ll Show you.. Just what you need.. Its up to you.. because Your free.
No holding back.. Over what’s gone.. Those Memories already done..
Waste no more time… Just let it go.. Love gone to waste.. Nothing to show
Live out our dreams.. That we once knew.. The Futures here.. Another avenue.
How can I get through to you?

What do you think you’re doing, Don’t you waste my time..
Get back on my Right Side
Where do you think you’re going.. Don’t you waste my time
Get back on my right side.

    Electronic, Dubtronica, electro step, alternative dance (musical genre), stargrace
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