A new Rework of our song Crimson Sunset.
The HIdden Flame is collaboative project 4th Eden and Stargrace
Hope you enjoy it :)
Crimson Sunset (4th Eden and Stargrace)
oooh... I feel your light, Bitter sweet memory's
Breathing deeper down... Seeing the wider picture
Lie back.... Watching the crimson sunset reflecting on the glass I drink
Close your eyes... Bitter sweet love buzz
And if shadows lay ahead...... I was much too high to see
I'll follow you..... even though you whispered to me the darkest promise (blinded, willing I go with you into the darkness)
And as the sunset turned to stars I felt the soft sand beneath my feet
Feel the rush of the tide against my body
Can you feel my racing breath in the midnight stillness?
close your eyes..........bitter sweet love buzz

    chill, summer, love step, liquid dnb, liquid remix
    • Type: Original
    • 160 bpm
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