Profile description of Musa Stretch:

*No cake, no trampoline, no pyro, no inflatable rubber raft, no air horn. No mask, helmet or mouse-head. No premixed sets full of predictably formulaic 'mainstream-acceptable' tunes. No heart-shaped hand gestures, just a universal sign of respect for his audience. No standing on a table with a microphone telling people to 'make some fucking noise'.... they know exactly why they're there, they aren't children that need instructions about what to do next. No 3 DJs all fiddling with knobs pretending like they are doing something. One DJ ... conscious of the past and of those who blazed the trails that have led to this moment, yet firmly-rooted in the present ... headphones around his neck while using the equipment in order to mix ‘on-the-fly’ and deliver his truth.*****

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