Conscious sounds from around the world, from Zimbabwe, Jamaica, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria/Gambia, Togo, America, England and Germany.

1 Above by Mento Jah Superior ft I-Tutor & SkyRas Mutale
2 Boss & Queen by Mehdiman
3 Everything About Jah by Tony D Clutcheye
4 Put Down The Gun by Blacka Pride
5 Songs Of Redemption by Damien Marcus Gwini
6 Farmers by Subajah
7 Hula La by Zetta
8 What A Bam Bam (Tribute) by Dionne Adessa
9 Wasteman by Idilistic Guluchi
10 Bully Cop by Jah Mikes ft Mento & King Peck
11 Money Pree by Jah Jah Yute Di Fiyah Yute
12 Nuh Follow Hate by Mehdiman (Joshshmosh Productions)
13 Lovely Day by Dinho
14 Buffalo SoulJah by Blacka Pride
15 Bartender by Jah Mikes
16 1 Ethiopia by Teddy X
17 Bbeach Vybz by Mento Jah Superior
18 Hungry by Ehunde Mambo & Troddin' I
19 Architect Dub by Subajah
20 Press Play by Zetta
21 They Don't Know by Tony D Clutcheye
22 One Step by Stephantom Wargamble ft Alberto
23 Roll With Me by Naty & The Stones
24 Champion Bubbla by Prince Autummn
25 I Know Only One by Ehunde Mambo

    7:20   Tonyd Clutcheye - Everything About Jah
    14:40   Augustus Pablo - Natural Way
    40:20   Dinho - Lovely Day
    47:00   Jah Mikes - Bar Tender
    1:19:40   Prince Autummn - Champion Bubbla

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