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In the last two years I began to study the Occult, first it was reading books written by modern witches, then it was listening to videos of black witches and wiccans. I found myself reading the Kabbalah and attracted to the dark elements of nature.

I bagan to dive into the communication of the Goetic Spirits and it didn't take much to make a connection. Since then I have learned much and know, as humans we are nothing compared to the universe and the path of the nightside. Yet we can access it and bring into the physical realm, as humans our lives can be navigated by Goetic Spirits and other Gods.

The Spiritual side is larger than any human, the ego is small and pointless, there is so much more to understand of who you are. Only fear will hold you back in life and serve you no purpose.

Witch of the North

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    • 162 bpm
    • Key: Abm
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