Old Experiments - 1991-1998

Using old ScreamTracker 3.0, FastTracker 2.x and anything I could get my hands on to make music. Collecting high-quality sounds back in the day was harder than nowadays with online resources at your fingertips, this makes even digital music nostalgic. I stumbled upon 2 CDROMS I made back in 1998, which held all the .MOD .XM .S3M conversions I did into 256kbit MP3, which was the limit at the time for MS-DOS encoders and decided to put this backup online for future generations to think on what made people tick to make tunes.

These are different kinds of sequences than you are used to, so these are probably not mixable.. still, please ENJOY!

    • Type: Original
    • 93.5 bpm
    • Key: Gbm
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