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Ochu Laross / Machwerk Podcast 122bpm Tracklist:

  1. Raffaele Effe - Einundzwanzig (Gregorio Serasin Remix) [Origami Musik]
  2. Ashwin Khosa, Artur Nikolaev - Basilica Strahov (Coskun Akmeric Remix) [Trapez Ltd]
  3. Callum Hammett, Leroy Roberts - For The Ladies (Martin Dacar Remix) [Yoruba Grooves]
  4. Glico - New Day (Dimitri Monev Remix) [Innocent Music]
  5. Reezak, Luke Hazell - Disaster (Prince.L Ghetto Chunk Remix) [Deep Tech Records]
  6. Yvo Zanev - Tripping (Alex Fuente Take Trip Remix) [Monday Morning]
  7. Chris-T & Matu - BubbleGum (Guti Legatto & Sound Stealers Remix) [Tres 14 Music]
  8. ModeBaku, Ted Amber - Kana (Matt Rich Remix) [Yoruba Grooves]
  9. Jesus Soblechero - Grand Piano (Tripio X Remix) [ExpMental Records]
  10. Carlos Alfaro - Dodge (B.Cliff Remix) [Tres 14 Music]
  11. Martin Dacar & dotSTRIPE - Yamogi (Jean Bressan Remix) [Baile Musik]
  12. THC, Javi Alvado - Some People (Dennis Cruz Remix) [Safe Music]
  13. Alessio Viggiano - Persecuzione Sonora (Manna From Sky Remix) [Natural Beat]
  14. Hristomir Mitev - Never Ever (M.F.S Observatory Remix) [Raw Roots]

Biography: Ochu Laross was born July 7, 1991 in the former Yugoslavia (Serbia, Senta). In a very early age he was getting more and more interested in electronic music. The first mixes are from the year 2003. His parents wanted him to be a musician, for his father is a musician and a music teacher. He went to music school, and played drums, but in 2007 gave it up, and decided to be a DJ. He played music at smaller parties, and his friends liked his music. One year later he got the chance to play at some music festivals. In 2009 everything changed. Ochu Laross got the opportunity to play at the biggest music festival of Vojvodina as a beginner DJ at the Underground Arena. He got a lot of attention after that and started having more gigs. After one month he joined the Highlight Radio, where ever since then his mixes are being played weekly. That year he was also heard on Globalparty Radio, Budapest and some other internet radios. Sometimes on private parties he would play up to 8-10 hours. In 2010 the live shows continued, and he starts to make his own tracks. He joined the Strong and Deep organization, which organizes parties like the Summer Pulse Festival. By their help, he got to play at the biggest East European music festival, the Exit. Ochu Laross likes the
weird, dark music, and the after parties.

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    11:00   Leroy Roberts - For The Ladies
    24:00   Deviank - Wood
    27:40   Chris-T & Matu - BubbleGum
    32:00   Modebaku - Kana
    37:00   Jesus Soblechero - Grand Piano
    42:40   Carlos Alfaro - Dodge
    44:40   Gerardo Mendez - Zentro
    47:40   THC - Some People
    57:40   Siwark - Children Of The Night
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