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This track is an electronic ambient experimental music track. It is a mix of many different sounds coming together to form a beautiful long piece of music. It is also structured in a way that it can be used as video game background music for when characters explore different levels or even for younger children’s games as well. Overall this track has a very experimental side where sounds that usually would not be placed together are placed together purposely in this track to give off a unique cinematic futuristic feeling.

The track starts off with an arpeggio synth deep bass line that slowly builds up with huge ambient pads, melodic orchestral melodies, funky hip hop drums, clarinets and Asian Erhu violins. It finishes with a very memorable guitar melody at its highest point when the track has reached its climax.

Since this track is very long it can be used for many different things – experimental film sequences, gorgeous timelapse footage, nature and outdoor themes, hiking videos, technology presentations, background tutorial music, emotional videos and any video needing cool music.

Produced by Kabbalistic Village - Menachem Engel - 2015

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