At Love Equals, our mission is to embrace and promote positivity and passion in life. The most important and strongest feeling we can have is "love" and when we want to express real affection for another person, place, group, activity, company, organization, or anything else, we say "I love that." It is the highest form of praise we can offer. The equals sign (Lov=) connects one's love to that object of affection. And we believe in the idea that "the more love you give, the more you get in return." Our strategy is one of differentiation built on quality, innovative design, and core message. I want people, i.e. you, to see the company as honest, truthful, loyal, generous, and benevolent.

While Love Equals is not a sports-only brand, we proudly target that market with our initial products and our initial good work initiatives. That means, from the outset, taking 10% from every sale and donating it to a non-profit. The first two organizations targeted are all sport-related.

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