Look up and see a new moon rising; we welcome the last of the 13 moons for this year: Cosmic Moon is here!

A period of unseen forces, unexpected changes, the touch of destiny.Be open and flexible, allowing changing!
For this final moon cycle we asked a great Dj & Selecter Lotte Ahoi to make an mix for the Cosmic moon.
Serenity & rust define the bigger lines in Lotte her 70 minute Journey. Staying low in tempo she fluidly mixes between a lot of different genres with roots from all over the globe.

Lotte Ahoi: “spacey slowmo stuff of my collection. this time some really old music found its way into the mixtape, unforgotten teenage chillout memories. It is not only a trip through some kind of cosmos, it is also a journey through time ... time and space, you will hear the moon, she is right there in between...you may dance if you reach the destination... just to go back soon after ... or to get lost”

Discover Lotte ahoi: soundcloud.com/lotte-ahoi

Under the River - Agoria
The Archontic Aftermath (Reprise) - Freudenthal
Interconnectedness - Dave Marian, Santinela
Deberes - Jiony
Hablamos en el Mismo Modo (Hugo Mujica) - San Ignacio
Best Before - Akanoid
Thank You Satan - Praah
Desentoado (psilosamples remix) - Grupo Raizes
O Babuaa - Den Sorte Skole
Summertime - Deep Dive Corp.
Jorge Leónidas Escudero - San Ignacio
La Rodada Del Patachín - Jiony ft. David Ferreira
Ayahuasca Bohemian - Praah
Spider Feel - Red Axes
Lo-Fi City - Max Melvin
Overand - Autechre
Regressor - Demdike Stare

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    0:00   Agoria - Under the River
    36:20   Louis Armstrong - Summertime
    37:40   Deep-Dive-Corp. - Summertime

    • Type: Mix
    • Amsterdam, Niederlande
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