Shawn leaves January 29 2020 court, for his safety, and speaks to Alberta's Public Interest Office, Elizibeth fry, Prosecutors office, a lawyer about section 15 (the right to equal protection by the law), Alberta's Public Interest office, and businessmen = THIS IS OF GREATEST PUBLIC INTEREST - NEW August 2020


The Civil Rights of Shawn Cullen Public Interest Alert and Constitution Interest Alert 2020-2030

Shawn Cullen is now without a home and suffering freezing temperatures and sleepless nights in Edmonton, perils for free speech and civil rights trying to find legal help, system persons attacking his charter rights It appears that Canada is attacking a citizen for having real answers and knowledge, and by that this is a attack of every Canadian citizen !!!

People that ignore or that deny this, act immature in a way that is a act so immature that that defaults into a design that is a self caused self perverted design of what that person is acting anti to, a hypocrite act. Therefore beware of any that act as if they cannot follow and stand for what Shawn in deed has raised and exposed.

National and Public Interest Highest Priority Alert for Shawn Cullen - In the recording you will hear a lawyer say that Shawn needs law enforcement to step in to put a stop to systematic attacks on Shawn. In the recording is proof Shawn has brought his story to the attention of two public interest offices. In the recording you will hear two treaty 8 citizens fully agree with what Shawn raises. And in the recording you will hear Proof workers of treaty 8 office appeared to of agreed persons are playing in a market of material and admitted system persons are heading at boys and girls. The native who told me she had a little Laryngitis appeared to of been inviting me to speak on child trafficking and in the recording you hear her saying it is so true that the abusers are accusers to divert. In the recording you will hear evidence that different persons managing treaty 8 are heard acting arrogant and suspect, In the recording you will hear there was that matter and matter of a cop car that evidences that we must be strongly concerned that treaty offices are in bed with corrupt system persons into trafficking youth and children.

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