Liquid sky berlin presentz telepathic bubblebath #04
2 hours show on - red stream
from the 25th & 27th october 2013
mixed by exafunk & dr walker @ liquid sky berlin headquarters

not in the tracklist but in the mix are vocals / words, ambiences and noises by poets, artists, philosophers and prophets like
timothy leary, blixa bargeld from einstuerzende neubauten, terence mckenna, carl jung, john giorno, charles bukowski, and others

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    As One - What Might Have Been
    Insect jazz - "Breezer In The Green"
    Jette Von Roth - Verschwunden
    Swarms - "Pandora"
    Seefeel - Climatic phase #3
    Sofa Surfers - Container (Howie B Remix)
    Mulholland Drive - DIANE & CAMILLA
    Dead Hollywood Stars - The Way Of The Fugu
    El Mahdy - Phantomatik
    F.M. Einheit - Adieu Partner
    Franz Treichler - Lucidogen [Braindance Mix]
    BEANS - Salt - Funkstoerung Remix
    Massive Attack - Future Proof
    Scorn - Then Woke
    Omsk Information vs Dr Walker - Me And My Girl (Telepathic Ruff Mixxx)
    Kahn - Polar
    Gil Scott-Heron - Me And The Devil (with some electro harmonix memory delay on top of the master)
    Adham Shaikh - Spectrum
    Air Liquide - Tanz der Lemminge 2
    Monsieur fleury - Mediate
    Stefan gubatz - Slow On Ice
    Telepathic Dream Orchestra - Telepathic Jacuzzi
    Boards of Canada - Smokers Quantity
    The Gentle People - Journey [Aphex Twin Care Mix]

    telepathic bubblebath, liquid sky berlin, #chilloutberlin, kompressionskammer, psychedelic kitchen tv
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