In TURNIONIOWN Lex has this girl in his hood his madly in love with but couldn't tell her how he felt, but he always talk about her with his friends and they always discourage him, telling him she won't accept him and all that.
Deep inside Lex knows she's the girl he wants, all he needs we courage and boldness to approach his lady, at this point his really confused on what to do and how to go about it, so he decided to hook up with one person he could talk to about this girl. That's where Quiries came in, he hooked up with Lex as Lex explained things to him, and he showed Qui this girl he has feelings for but couldn't tell her, due to lake of courage and the things his friends had told him, deep down he really wants this girl.
Quiries also have this girl he loves so much, but in this case Quiries is more of the ladies man, so he knows how to make his moves but surprising to him, she gave him a huge blow on the face by giving him tough time, he was so confused as Lex was and that made them end up in same tight shoes.
Lex explain on the chorus of the song by saying "My love is turnioniown" meaning he's love life is confusing and complicated.
At the end of the day Lex got to shoot he's shot but got a difficult feedback.

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