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This upload is a 'copy' of my mix
► "Lausch! @ Studio - inside the box (14-12-16)"

Initially I uploaded this mix to my soundcloud profile where it was published on 2014-Dec-17 -> soundcloud.com/lausch-1/lausch...he-box-14-12-16 .
It's still online and quite successful over there - up to now "inside the box" has gained 1.752 plays on sc (2017-Jan-10)!

I imported that upload into this hearthis profile when sc got weird more and more; but on this profile it was meant as a backup only, so I set it to 'not publicly visible'.

=> Well, now it is visible to the public on my hearthis profile, too! <=

(Due to this "you don't know what happens next on SoundCloud"-thing I was afraid that one morning this mix (which I'm very proud of) would be deleted from SC-Universe - or even my whole account, currently you can't know with that guys...)

There's a (real!) VIDEO of this mix (full length) on my YouTube channel:
-> youtu.be/S3cGWX1_SQc
(published on 2016-Jan-25)
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Just in time before X-Mas and New Year's Eve, and as one of my last sets this year, I wanted to present you a result of my this year's flow.

Initially I hoped, a "thank-you gift - mix" might achieve to draw my perfect satisfaction relating to my progression in finding back to music and re-defining myself.

But...Gosh! Yeah, that's it. I really like this mix!
That's what I was looking for, what I'd lost for a while. It sounds like everything wich means anything to me. Holy crap! I'm back in touch with my strings - YES!

So, "inside the box" is meant as a very special gift for each and every one of you, who are listening deep to me and are in love with my frequencies. Thank you so much for this!
Not merely sharing my passion for soundscapes with you is fantastic, but rather it's quite awesome to bring special transcendent moments into being - right for you, led and sheltered by my waves...
Music is devine. That's what it's all about!

Celebrate great holidays with your families and friends and a Happy New Year! Love!

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I recognized, that all descriptions of all of my uploads here on soundcloud were lost! I don't know, since when or why. I'm very sorry about that. Today I restored the descriptions.
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be kind to your ears...
...and they will charm you !
1 Blake Baxter, Marc Romboy - Where Would You Be - Loopapella
2 Mark E - Bog Dance - Alvin Aronson Remix
3 Wehbba - Red Shuffle - dubspeeka Remix
4 Ninetoes - Escape - Tiger Stripes Remix
5 Cactus Twisters - Elirion - Original Mix
6 ASC - Carrier - Original Mix
7 Daniel Sanchez - Sik - Mladen Tomic Remix
8 Okabi - The Macaw's Moustache - Darkrow Remix
9 Albert Dei - Super Gain - Original Mix
10 Carlo Lio - Pepito's Groove - Fer BR Remix
11 Axel Karakasis - Crank - Original Mix
12 Pryda - Backdraft - Original Mix
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    Blake Baxter, Marc Romboy - Where Would You Be (Loopapella)
    Mark E - Bog Dance (Alvin Aronson Remix)
    Wehbba - Red Shuffle (dubspeeka Remix)
    Ninetoes - Escape (Tiger Stripes Remix)
    Cactus Twisters - Elirion (Original Mix)
    ASC - Carrier (Original Mix)
    Daniel Sanchez - Sik (Mladen Tomic Remix)
    Okabi - The Macaw's Moustache (Darkrow Remix)
    Albert Dei - Super Gain (Original Mix)
    Carlo Lio - Pepito's Groove (Fer BR Remix)
    Axel Karakasis - Crank (Original Mix)
    Pryda - Backdraft (Original Mix)

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