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    LATE NIGHT DREAM Presents Thomas Splett Flying To California EP7S2 by LATE NIGHT DREAM
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With the new episode of "Flying To California" we dare an experiment. This time it's not about classics and less known gems of West Coast, AOR and Midnight Disco of the 70s and 80s, but about current pop and dance music as it is played in the clubs or even on the radio. Music that is elegant and smooth, that invites you to relax or have fun. Above all it's about mood and playing with memories, about warm bass sounds, a carefully placed saxophone solo, about slick guitar licks à la Nile Rodgers, and of course a feeling of sun or balmy summer nights - whether on Venice Beach or the Côte d'Azur. The smooth sound of the 70s and 80s is not dead, but part of today's pop DNA. Or to say it with Marcus Liesenfeld aka DJ Supermarkt, DJ veteran and curator of the sublime Too Slow To Disco series: "That sound is now part of today's musical landscape."
So sit back and enjoy today's flight into the world of modern pop music with Roosevelt, Flamingosis, Morabeza Tobacco, Jungle, Izo FitzRoy, PREP, Brian Ellis, l'impératrice (Too Slow To Disco Neo - En France) and many more.

01.L'indécis - Second Wind
02.Men I Trust - Show Me How
03.Young Gun Silver Fox - Love Guarantee
04.Flamingosis - You Were Meant For Me
05.PREP - Line By Line feat. Cory Wong & Paul Jackson jr
06.Claire Laffut - Vérité
07.L’Impératrice - Dreaming Of You (Vibes4YourSoul Remix)
08.Tom Misch - It Runs Through Me
09.Benny Sings - Not Enough
10.Stimulator Jones - Give My All
11.Breakbot - Another You feat. Ruckazoid
12.Jungle - Heavy, California
13.Hitomi Tohyama - Exotic Yokogao
14.Brian Ellis - Night Drive
15.Roosevelt - Shadows
16.Izo FitzRoy - Slim Pickings
17.Parcels - Lightenup (Breakbot remix)
18.Engelwood - Chrystal Dolphin
19.Morabeza Tobacco - Orinoco
20.Mac DeMarco - Heart To Heart


    0:30   L'Indécis - Second Wind
    3:00   Men I Trust - Show Me How
    13:30   PREP - Line by Line feat. Cory Wong & Paul Jackson Jr 
    17:00   Claire Laffut - Vérité
    21:00   L'Impératrice - Dreaming of You (Vibes4YourSoul Remix)
    26:00   Tom Misch - It Runs Through Me
    30:30   Benny Sings - ???????
    33:00   Stimulator Jones - Give My All
    36:30   Breakbot - Another You (feat. Ruckazoid)
    39:00   Jungle - Heavy, California
    42:00   ??? - ????????
    49:30   Roosevelt - Shadows
    54:00   Izo FitzRoy - Slim Pickings
    59:30   Parcels - Lightenup
    1:00:30   Parcels - Lightenup (Breakbot Remix)
    1:02:00   Engelwood - Crystal Dolphin
    1:03:30   Morabeza Tobacco - Orinoco
    1:08:00   Mac DeMarco - Heart To Heart

    Pop, Soul, westcoast, Disco, funk, Boogie, Ain't No Sunshine, california
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