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    LATE NIGHT DREAM Presents Thomas Splett Flying To California EP6S3 by LATENIGHT DREAM FACTORY
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New music, rediscoveries and hand-picked classics are the focus of the current episode of "Flying To California". As always, it's all about a laid-back mood, which we associate with sunshine and blue skies, about smooth grooves and great musicality, but also about celebrating the work of the numerous artists and independent labels, whose passion and skills provide us with what inspires us to dream, consoles us and strengthens us in our humanity despite all isolation: culture. Therefore, dear listeners, buy records, support artists and labels!
We are especially pleased and honored to present a premiere in the new FTC edition: On April 24th the atmospheric Kraak & Smaak remix of "When The Wires Are Down" by the great Soul-Gospel singer Izo FitzRoy will be released - here you can hear it first! The song marks the finale of the current episode.
This time FTC starts with the American songwriter, producer and exceptional guitarist Fernando Perdomo, who takes us on a road trip to the Santa Monica Mountains on the "Mulholland Highway". Perdomo recently released his first Yacht Rock album with the fitting title "Yacht", which he dedicates to the warm 70s sound from California. L.A. cult musician Thundercat is also back with a new album. Two years ago he caused a stir in the West Coast Music community with his Loggins & McDonald collaboration "Show You The Way" and now he takes us into his cosmic worlds of funk with his current single "Dragonball Durag".
In mid-April the English re-issue label Be With Records will release the album "Coastlines" by the Japanese production unit of DJ and producer Masanori Ikeda and solo artist and Cro-Magnon keyboard player Takumi Kaneko on vinyl. "Last Summer In Rio" is their bow to the legendary Brazilian jazz-funk trio Azymuth. From Rio to Amsterdam: Dutch pop artist Tim van Berkestijn, better known by his stage name Benny Sings, shows with his new single "Music" that he is deeply rooted in 70s pop and one of the most talented music exports of the Netherlands.
With Shuggie Otis' ingenious classic "Information Inspiration" we spend a short time in the 70s before we travel to Jamaica with the Caribbean inflected version of the Curtis Mayfield masterpiece "Tripping Out" by Slowly, a solo-project of the Japanese producer and DJ Masato Komatsu.
The elegantly swinging "Reciclo" from the new Marcos Valle album "Cinzento" shows the Brazilian grandmaster at his best. The new album refers with little instrumentation and different grooves to his 1973 album classic "Previsao Do Tempo".
An episode of FTC without a song by Young Gun Silver Fox is not possible this spring. With "Canyons", the American-English duo consisting of Andy Platts and Shawn Lee has released one of the best albums of the year. The irresistibly grooving "Baby Girl" is another masterpiece of the album released on the Hamburg based label Légère Recordings.
The Parisian artist Dabeull is one of the dazzling representatives of French vintage funk. His seductive "Dr. Fonk" (feat. Rush Davis) would have made any roller skate disco party in the early 80s boil and is also here responsible for the right groove.
The French label Favorite Recordings has been a guarantor for many years when it comes to releasing long lost soul, funk, jazz and West Coast gems. "I Don't Want To Lose You" by Louisiana-based band "A" Train is one of the great West Coast rediscoveries of the last years.
Another artist from Légère Recordings is London-based soft rock, soul and disco artist Joel Sarakula, who will release his excellent new album "Companionship" on May 1st. "Midnight Driver" is the current single.
Junior Mendes was a ubiquitous figure in the Brazilian Soul / Funk scene of the 70s and early 80s. "Copacabana Sadia" is one of the great Brazilian Boogie classics that sweeten the warm spring days.
The American retro-soul band The Free Nationals was one of the most inspiring new discoveries in 2019 with their eponymous debut album. The instrumental "Lester Diamond" convinces with its joy of playing and the right fusion groove - a song for the next trip on the highway of your choice.
BBE Music presents the first ever reissue of the rare 1978 jazz-fusion album "The Jupiter Effect" by The Larry Rose Band. The jazzy soulful "Who Conned the Lady" shows the class of the Dutch/American quintet.
Multi-instrumentalist and "Silver Fox" Shawn Lee surprised us a few days ago with an unexpected new album, which turned out to be an ode to the aerobic culture of the 80s. The disco funk of "Body Jam" makes everyone sweat - whether in the fitness center or on the dance floor.
Californian hip hop record producer and songwriter Knxwledge has been working with the greats of the music world for years. With "Makeitliveforever" from his second solo album "1988" he bows to the masters of the deep soul groove of the 70s à la Isaac Hayes. With "We Almost Lost Detroit" follows a haunting soul classic by Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson from 1977.
Favorite Recordings released the first official and first-ever reissue of "The First Coming" by Twylyte '81 this February. "A Dreamer" is one of the outstanding songs of this great soul-jazz album from 1981.
Already in 2016 the nostalgically dreamy "In Your Eyes" by the band Badbadbadnotgood from Toronto was released - it is worth (re)discovering! Atmospherically it continues: Last year Pierre Duplan and Lee Skelly released with "The Arrangement" a beautiful instrumental, which reminds of the early Air with its vintage french dreaminess - the perfect song to end a lukewarm spring evening.

01.Fernando Perdomo - Mullholland Highway
02.Thundercat - Dragonball Durag
03.Coastlines - Last Summer In Rio
04.Benny Sings - Music
05.Shuggie Otis - Inspiration Information
06.Slowly - Tripping Out feat. Courtney John
07.Marcos Valle - Reciclo
08.Young Gun Silver Fox - Baby Girl
09.Dabeull - Dr. Fonk feat. Rush Davis
10.A Train - I Don't Wanna Loose You
11.Joel Sarakula - Midnight Driver
12.Junior Mendes - Copacabana Sadia
13.Free Nationals - Lester Diamond
14.Larry Rose Band - Who Conned The Lady
15.Shawn Lee's Incredible Leg Warmer Band - Body Jam
16.Knxwledge - Makeitliveforever
17.Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson - We Almost Lost Detroit
18.Twylyte '81 - A Dreamer
19.Badbadnotgood - In Your Eyes feat. Charlotte Day Wilson
20.Pierre Duplan & Lee Skelly - The Arrangement
21.Izo FitzRoy - When The Wires Are Down (Kraak & Smaak Remix) Exclusivity


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    0:30   Fernando Perdomo - Mulholland Highway
    4:00   Thundercat - Dragonball Durag
    7:00   Coastlines - Last Summer In Rio
    12:00   Benny Sings - Music
    15:00   Shuggie Otis - Inspiration Information
    21:00   Marcos Valle - Reciclo
    25:30   Young Gun Silver Fox - Baby Girl
    29:30   Rush Davis - DR. Fonk
    38:30   Joel Sarakula - Midnight Driver
    42:00   Junior Mendes - Copacabana Sadia
    46:00   Free Nationals - Lester Diamond
    49:00   Larry Rose Band - Who Conned the Lady
    55:00   Shawn Lee's Incredible Leg Warmer Band - Body Jam
    58:00   Knxwledge - makeitliveforever
    1:00:00   Gil Scott-Heron And Brian Jackson - We Almost Lost Detroit
    1:05:00   Twylyte '81 - A Dreamer
    1:11:30   Badbadnotgood - In Your Eyes

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