LATE NIGHT DREAM Presents The Border by David Lucarotti EP06S3320kbit/s

    LATE NIGHT DREAM Presents The Border by David Lucarotti EP06S3 by LATE NIGHT DREAM
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Discover the new session of your favorite podcast, to consume without moderation..... the abuse of "THE BORDER" is good for your health.

01.James Fox Higgins - Protection
02.Andrew Rohlk - Lost Found
03.Shawn Lee - Wichita NEW NEW NEW
04.Maestro Mutante - Crisálida NEW NEW NEW
05.Incognito - Now That I've Found You NEW NEW NEW
06.Kymberli - Brighter Days NEW NEW NEW
07.Nooky Jones - Gimme Some More NEW NEW NEW
08.M.A Bakker - Jet Set Dream
09.Slim and the Beast - What It Is
10.Ben Sidran - We the People NEW NEW NEW
11.Allan Thomas - How Long Till Light
12.Al Sunny - You and I NEW NEW NEW
13.Laurence Jones Band - Heart is on Fire NEW NEW NEW
14.Mac Ayres - Smiley Boy (Live) NEW NEW NEW
15.Yacht Rock Revue - Step NEW NEW NEW
16.Nimbus - Hold me Close
17.Late For Breakfast - The Art of Falling
18.David Ward - Jesus Hollywood
19.Michael Simmons - This is Most Certainly True
20.Leroy Burgess & Saving Coco - Til I Found You NEW NEW NEW
21.Geyster - Some Kind (Live) NEW NEW NEW
22.Marcus Scott - Real Me NEW NEW NEW
23.The Watch and Wait - Skip a Beat
24.The Big Hustle - Something Blue
25.Stoddard Blackall - My Bein
26.Kat Eaton - Barricade NEW NEW NEW
27.John Demarkis - Celebrate
28.Ole Borud - Can't Pretend NEW NEW NEW
29.Steve Sieck - After Five
30.The Living - Its In All Of Us NEW NEW NEW

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    0:30   James Fox Higgins - Protection
    5:30   Andrew Rohlk - Lost & Found
    10:00   Shawn Lee - Wichita
    19:30   INCOGNITO - Now That I've Found You feat. Imani
    24:30   Kymberli - Brighter Days
    29:30   Nooky Jones - Gimme Some More
    34:30   M.A. Bakker - Jet Set Dream (feat. Warren Byrd)
    43:00   Ben Sidran - We the People
    46:30   Allan Thomas - How Long Till Light
    53:00   Al Sunny - You And I
    57:30   Laurence Jones - Heart is on Fire
    1:01:00   Mac Ayres - Smiley Boy - Live
    1:05:00   Yacht Rock Revue - Step
    1:08:30   Nimbus - Hold Me Close
    1:14:00   Gerry Pantazis - The Art Of Falling
    1:20:00   David Ward - Jesus Hollywood
    1:27:00   Saving Coco - Til I Found You
    1:40:00   Marcus Scott - Real Me
    1:46:30   The Watch and Wait - Skip a Beat
    1:48:00   The Big Hustle - Something Blue
    1:54:30   Kat Eaton - Barricade
    2:02:00   Ole Børud - Can't Pretend
    2:06:00   Steve Sieck - After Five
    2:09:30   iamtheliving - It's in All of Us

    Soul, groove, funk, westcoast, blue eyed soul, jazz, Fusion, Brazilian Groove, Boogie, cover, Pop, Singer-Songwriter, New, 2019
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