This is the 2018 VALENTINE SPECIAL EDITION of my Pre Soul Therapy Mix of the month for LATE NIGHT DREAMS, and as usual for each VALENTINE period, you may know that I’m used to offer each you each year, one or more FREE download from my new Re - Therapy works.
This time, you are getting 2 new tracks :

  • "Tonight’s The Night" (D0CT0RS0UL 2018 The Mood Is Right Re - Therapy)
  • "I know Your Eyes In The Morning Sun" (D0CT0RS0UL Valentine Re - Therapy)
    Those 2 tracks are featured in the 67 mn long Mix for their first broadcasting as 2 new EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIERE on the LATE NIGHT DREAM website and you can listen to them on the related Hearthis page, blended in a Live session with other Soul, mid tempo tunes precisely selected for this special mood.
    To download for FREE the 2 mentioned new Re - Therapy works, you need to go to my Soundcloud page where all details will be explained - very easily -
    Just one more thing : In this 67 mn long Mix, you also get another EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIERE , so a 3rd one : it’s the Preview as a short snippet of one pf my upcoming release that would be the Re - Therapy work of the 1984 West Coast / AOR classic "Golden Girl"… Stay tuned for the full version to come…
    Thanks for being so faithful, and have fun with the FREE download for Valentine that I offer you, party people !

Tracklisting :

1/ Brian Bennet "Thug"
2/ Odyssey "Don’t Tell Me Tell Her" (Superbreak Edit)
3/ D’Sound "Boyfriend"
4/ Ron Matlock "I Can’t Forget About You"
5/ The Groovers Vs. Dionne Warwick "Where You Belong"
6/ Incognito "Craziest High" Featuring Bluey
7/ Jim Schmidt "Love Has Taken It All Away"
8/ René & Angela "Imaginary Playmates"
9/ "Tonight’s The Night" (D0CT0RS0UL 2018 The Mood Is right Re - Therapy) EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIERE
10/ Bobby Womack "The Bravest Man" (Jim Sharp Edit)
11/ Vanilla "Keep On"
12/ Maysa Leak "Mirrors"
13/ Bennson "Incredible"
14/ PREVIEW "Golden Girl" (D0CT0RS0UL Keep On Smiling Re - Therapy) Snippet #1 EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIERE
15/ Debarge "Stay With Me"
16/ Miles Jaye "Let’s Start Love Over" Featuring Roy Ayers
17/ Cerrone "Your Love Survived"
18/ Johnny Guitar Watson "Superman Lover" (The Reflex Revision)
19/ Miguel Migs "The One"
20/ Monet "U Told me"
21/ "I Know Your Eyes In The Morning Sun" (D0CT0RS0UL Valentine Re - Therapy) EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIERE

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Peace y’all !

Translate this for me please

    1:20   Odyssey - Don't Tell Me, Tell Her (7" Single Version)
    3:20   Odyssey - Don't Tell Me, Tell Her
    4:00   D'Sound - Boyfriend
    6:20   Ronn Matlock - I Can't Forget About You (Remastered Album Version)
    12:20   Incognito - Craziest High
    17:40   René & Angela - Imaginary Playmates
    29:20   Vanilla - Keep On
    32:20   Maysa Leak - Mirrors
    35:00   Bennson - Incredible
    39:40   DeBarge - Stay With Me
    45:20   Cerrone - Your Love Survived
    55:40   Miguel Migs - The One
    58:40   Monet - U Told Me
    1:02:20   Bee Gees - How Deep Is Your Love (Supreme Beings of Leisure Remix)

    West coast, blue eyed soul, groove, Soul, funk, Remix, Edit, re edit, Love, Valentine
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