LATE NIGHT DREAM Presents Doctor Soul Pre-Treatment to Soul Therapy EP4S3320kbit/s

    LATE NIGHT DREAM Presents Doctor Soul Pre-Treatment to Soul Therapy EP4S3 by LATENIGHT DREAM FACTORY
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Hi friends.
There’s only ONE and only ‘’PRE TREATMENT to SOUL THERAPY’’ !.. And this is your authentic and healing remedy that is delivered to you since years now, so make sure to not be fooled by counter fabricated set, folks…
This one includes upcoming releases, hard to find tracks… all in laidback flava and mid-Funky/ Nu-WestCoast infused productions.
DJ friends and label have delivered me such an amount of music during all these past weeks, oh man… Many thanks to all !..
So the choice was hard to select in order to offer you a true constructed musical message that could heal your body and Soul, and prepare you to a return to a more free and friendly life.
As usual, I have paid attention to carefully mix and beatmatch the tracks in using my human ears, no computer or AI machine were utilized, only the human factor…
Peace !

Track list :
01/ Brand New Funk “Tastee”
02/ Dave Grusin “Modaji” (Sivey Remix)
03/ Opaz “What You Won’t Do For Love” feat. Ray Hayden
04/ Love Transfusion “Stands To Reason”
05/ Sin2 “On The Autobahn”
06/ Guggenz “By Your Side”
07/ Rob Mehl “Taste And See”
08/ Sould Out “Japan Jam”
09/ Moods & Yasper “Vibe Vibe”
10/ P-Sol “Not Easy”
11/ Cashmere “Cutie Pie”
12/ Alan Scaffardi “I Loose Control”
13/ Liquid Pegasus “Big Chill”
14/ Cosmo’s Midnight & Ruel “Down For You”
15/ Moods “Funk It Out”
16/ P-Sol “You Left Me”
17/ Tiger Cloth “Take It Slow” feat. Filippo Perbellini & Alice Righi
18/ Deniece Williams “It’s Okay”
19/ Ronnie Foster “Midnight Plane”
20/ Margo Thunder “Expressway To Your Heart” (The Loneliest Hunk Rework)
21/ Qwestlife “Universal Love” feat. Andre Espeut
22/ Marshall Titus “Wrap Myself Up In Your Love”
23/ Turbotito & Miami Horror “Restless” ‘Turbotito Remix)
24/ Gap Band “I Owe it 2 Myself” (Touchsoul Remix)
25/ Randy Muller “Grovin’ U”
26/ Earth Wind & Fire “My Love” (Flamingosis Raise It Up Remix)
27/ Yuksek ‘The Only Reason” feat. Breakbot & Irfane
28/ Patti Austin “Baby Come 2 Me” feat. James Ingram (Mr Leigh Rewerk)

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Translate this for me please

    13:30   Love Transfusion - Stands to Reason
    17:30   Sin2 - On the Autobahn
    19:30   Guggenz - By Your Side
    22:00   Rob Mehl - Taste and See
    31:30   Yasper - Vibe Vibe
    36:30   Cashmere - Cutie Pie
    40:30   Alan Scaffardi - I Loose Control
    44:00   Liquid Pegasus - Big Chill (Original Mix)
    48:30   Cosmo's Midnight;Ruel - Down for You
    51:00   Moods - Funk It Out
    57:30   Filippo Perbellini;Alice Righi;Tiger Cloth - Take It Slow (feat. Filippo Perbellini & Alice Righi)
    1:00:00   Deniece Williams - It's Okay
    1:05:00   Ronnie Foster - Midnight Plane (12" Version)
    1:12:30   Qwestlife - Universal Love (feat. Andre Espeut)
    1:17:00   Marshall Titus - Wrap Myself Up in Your Love
    1:20:30   Miami Horror;Turbotito - Restless (Turbotito Remix)
    1:29:30   Yuksek - The Only Reason (feat. Breakbot & Irfane) feat. Breakbot,Irfane

    Soul, funk, groove, blue eyed soul, westcoast, Remix, Edit, re edit, rework, DJ Set, Mix, 2020
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