LATE NIGHT DREAM Presents Doctor Soul Pre-Treatment to Soul Therapy EP3S3320kbit/s

    LATE NIGHT DREAM Presents Doctor Soul Pre-Treatment to Soul Therapy EP3S3 by LATENIGHT DREAM FACTORY
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Hi friends.
Here is the first edition of your PRE TREATMENT to SOUL THERAPY for 2020 ! This time I’ve made it eclectic, as it includes many musical genres such as West Coast, Laidback Disco, Modern Soul, R&B infused tracks (talking about the good R&B flava, that takes inspiration into 80’s and 90’s…)
So even if it was not particularly made for partying, as it is more laidback and more spiritual than the regular ones, this DJ set is still driven by groovyness with softly breezy Funky tracks and Slo-mo Disco mood to chill with friends on a lazy weekend …
This whole delivery can be downloadable directly from Hearthis for those of you who want to keep it…
And as usual, I have paid attention to carefully mix and beatmatch the tracks in using my human ears, no computer or AI machine were utilized, only the human factor…
Peace !

Track list :
01/ A Taste Of Honey “Midnight Snack”
02/ “Bambou” (DoctorSoul Desert Island Re - Therapy)
03/ Diane Marsh “I’m Stuck On U” (Yearning 2 Step Mix)
04/ Eagles “I Can’t Let You Go” (Right Before Your Eyes DUB Mix)
05/ Allspice “Destiny”
06/ Ryuichi Sakamoto “A Day in The Park” feat. Vivian Sessoms (Michael Angelo Saulsberry remix)
07/ Juicy “Satisfied”
08/ Alien Disco Sugar “French Stallion”
09/ Woods Empire “Universal Love”
10/ Bee Gees “Love You Inside Out” (Figure It Out Real remix)
11/ Liquid Pegasus “Uptown Shuffle”
12/ Marlena Shaw “The Writing’s On The Wall”
13/ Tones And I “Dance Monkey” (Sylow remix)
14/ Ukokos & Janco “Keep Rising All Night”
15/ Free Nationals “Gidget” feat. Anderson.Paak & T.Nava
16/ Randy Muller “Slip n’ Slide”
17/ Steve Miller Band “Fly Like an Eagle” (The Next Level Lude Mix)
18/ The Terry Greene Project “Tell Me What You Want”
19/ Ian Ewing & Strehlow “Buttery Azz Jogger”
20/ Wardell Piper “Be Sure”
21/ Halo “Let Me Do It”
22/ The Whispers “Love For Love”
23/ The Emotions “The Move” feat. Maurice White
24/ Juicy “You’re Number One”
25/ Randy Muller “Grovin’ U”
26/ Psychic Mirrors “Veronica’s House Of Tarot”
27/ Andre Solomko ‘Recalling You” (Charles Maurice Edit)
28/ Nicolette Larson “Lotta Love” (Rune Lindbaek mix)

Total time = 92 mn

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    0:30   A Taste of Honey - Midnight Snack
    12:00   K-Def & 45 King - RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES
    13:00   K-Def/45 King - RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES
    17:30   Ryuichi Sakamoto (?? ??) - A DAY IN THE PARK (MICHAEL ANGELO SAULSBERRY REMIX)
    20:30   Juicy - Satisfied
    26:30   Woods Empire - Universal Love
    30:00   Bee Gees - Love You Inside Out
    32:00   K-Def & 45 King - FIGURE IT OUT REAL LIVE
    33:00   Liquid Pegasus - Uptown Shuffle (Original Mix)
    37:30   Marlena Shaw - The Writing's On The Wall
    40:30   Tones And I - Dance Monkey
    42:30   Yann Muller - Dance Monkey (Sylow Remix)
    46:30   Anderson .Paak;Free Nationals - Gidget
    49:30   Randy Muller Boom Chang Bang - Slip n Slide
    52:30   K-DEF - The Next Level Lude
    53:30   The Terri Green Project - Tell Me What You Want
    58:00   Ian Ewing - Buttery Azz Jogger
    1:00:30   Wardell Piper - Be Sure (Radio)
    1:01:30   Wardell Piper - Be Sure
    1:06:00   Halo - Let Me Do It (feat. Karvin Johnson)
    1:08:00   The Whispers - Love For Love
    1:09:30   The Whispers - Love for Love
    1:11:30   The Emotions - The Movie (Album Version)
    1:14:30   Juicy - You're Number One
    1:18:00   Randy Muller Boom Chang Bang - Groovin' U
    1:21:00   Psychic Mirrors - Veronica's House of Tarot
    1:23:30   Andre Solomko - Recalling You (Extended Disco Version)
    1:30:00   Nicolette Larson - Lotta Love - Jim Burgess Disco Mix

    Soul, groove, westcoast, RnB, Remix, Edit, re edit, DJ Set, Mix, 2020
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