LATE NIGHT DREAM Presents Doctor Soul Pre-Treatment to Soul Therapy EP01320kbit/s

    #10 LATE NIGHT DREAM Presents Doctor Soul Pre-Treatment to Soul Therapy EP01 by LATENIGHT DREAM FACTORY
    man, what an opener. one of my absolute favorite!Awesome Set!Just what the Doctor ordered ;-)
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Please bare in mind that this Mix has been recorded in ONE take during a real Live session with no re-recording, no sync function, All tracks were mixed by human ears, reconstructed on the fly during the recording of this Mix, and sometimes the structure of the track has been changed in an unique way only for this Mix...
… With special support from Bluey (Incognito), Wyclief Jean (the Fugues), Michael Jackson and legendary Soul Maestro Isaac Hayes.

1/ D’Sound : "Ain’t Giving Up"
2/ Michael Franks : "Soul Mate" (BYKD Nature Boy Remix)
3/ Donald Fagen : "The New Breed"
4/ Randy Crawford : "Bye Bye" (Mousse T’s Street Mix)
5/ Michael Franks : "On My Way Back To You" (Vanilla Swept Away Rework)
6/ Herbie Hancock : "Making Love To You" featuring legendary Greg Walker from Santana band (John Edwick’s Hacer El Amor Contigo Rework)
7/ Tatsuro Yamashita : "Music Book"
8/ Kenny Loggins : "Wait a Little While" Live !
9/ Marc Jordan : "Generalities"
10/ Donald Fagen & Steve Khan : "True Companion"
11/ Miami Horror : "Leila" (Poolside Remix)
16 Sabrina Malheiros : "Sol Céu & Mar" (D0CT0RS0UL NightFlight To Rio Re - Therapy)
17/ Young Gun Silver Fox : "In My Pocket"
18/ Steely Dan : "My Old School" (The Reflex Revision)
19/ Donald Fagen : "New Frontier" (Jean-Claude Gave & Omri Anghel Rework)
20/ Isaac Hayes : "Never Can say Goodbye"
12/ George Benson : "Love X Love" (TouchSoul Take Care Of You Rewind)
13 Heat : "Don’t Walk Away"
14/ Michael Jackson : "Girlfriend"
15/ Pages : "Clearly Kim" (Dream Chimney Dub version)
21/ Roxy Music : « Avalon" (D0CT0RS0UL When You Bossa Nova Re - Therapy)

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    0:00   D'Sound - Aint' Giving Up
    5:20   Full Flava - Nature Boy (feat Hazel Fernandes)
    8:40   Michael Franks - Soul Mate
    10:00   Donald Fagen - The New Breed
    20:00   Vanilla - Swept Away
    26:00   ???? - MUSIC BOOK
    31:00   Kenny Loggins - Wait A Little While
    35:00   Marc Jordan - Generalities
    39:20   Donald Fagen - True Companion
    43:40   Miami Horror - Leila - Poolside Remix
    44:40   Miami Horror - Leila
    54:20   Michael Jackson - Girlfriend
    1:11:00   Young Gun Silver Fox - In My Pocket
    1:19:20   Donald Fagen - New Frontier
    1:25:00   Isaac Hayes - Never Can Say Goodbye
    1:29:00   New Tribute Kings - Avalon Originally Performed By Roxy Music

    Westcoast, Groove, Soul, Funk, Re-Edit, Edit, Remix
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