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    #9 LATE NIGHT DREAM Presents DiMano & David Lucarotti Westcoast Heritage by LATE NIGHT DREAM
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Westcoast music was one of the commercially successful genres of its era, existing between the late 1970s and early 1980s.Drawing on sources such as smooth soul, smooth jazz, R&B, funk, and disco,common stylistic traits include high-quality production, clean vocals, and a focus on light, catchy melodies. For the last ten years, we have seen the emergence of a new wave of artists inspired by westcoast music. Those coming from a multitude of different countries. westcoast Music is changing and the musical genre is being maintained. Late Night Dream wanted to pay tribute to westcoast music with its heirs. we made you a selection of the best new artists of Westcoast Music of the last decade. So close your eyes, start the convertible car and let the breeze of the Pacific sweep your hair ...

01.Benni Freibott - Under my Umbrella
02.Jeri Lynne - All I Can Do
03.Marco Taggiasco - This Moment feat. David Pack
04.Smooth Reunion - BMPD
05.Stefan Gunnarsson - Stop, Look, Listen
06.Soweco - Only You
07.Urs Wiesendanger - If Only For a Day
08.Tim Cashion - It Follows You Around
09.Tomi Malm - Walkin on Air
10.Dave Barnes - Carry On, San Vicente
11.Ben Barritt - Now
12.Judith Owen - Train Out Of Hollywood
13.The Norwegian Fords - Surfing On The Sun
14.JaR - The Cabo Cad
15.Max Meazza & Mark Winkler - Forward Motion
16.Mandoo - Summer Breezin'
17.Daniel Andersson - Keep On Trying
18.Rusted Man - Skin
19.Nate Williams - D.T.M.B. feat. VULA
20.State Cows - Lost In A Mind Game
21.David Kraps - Don't Waste A Minute
22.Monkey House - Anyone
23.Sun Rai - San Francisco Street
24.Thierry Condor - Memories feat. Jay Graydon
25.Ed Motta - 1978
26.The Sonic Executive Sessions - Cold Front
27.Peter Friestedt - Cheyenne
28.Arno Haas - Lucky Chance feat. Al Jarreau
29.Mark Stephens - Imagine
30.Tom Hansen Feat. Kenneth Eriksen, John ''JR'' Robinson, Peter Friestedt - My Lady
31.Tristan - Lifestyle
32.Doug Brons - Dance
33.Atar Shafighian - Rise & Fall of Dany Chevron
34.Vladimir Cetkar - We Will Never End Video
35.TOBB and Bill Champlin - Sweet Marie
36.Terramara - Goodbye
37.Corin & Edman - Live on Love
38.Bernie Chiaravalle - Love Waits for You
39.Ole Borud - Broken People
40.The Beauty Room - One Man Show
41.William Sikström - You Are Runnin'
42.Andreas Aleman - If it's a dream
43.Brass Transit - Last time this time
44.Hilary McRae - Where Will We Be
45.Geyster - Jane (Radio Edit)

    0:00   Benni Freibott - Under My Umbrella
    4:40   Jeri Lynne - All I Can Do (Radio Edit)
    16:20   Stefan Gunnarsson - Stop Look Listen
    19:40   Soweco - Only You
    24:00   Urs Wiesendanger - If Only for a Day
    28:00   TIM CASHION - It Follows You Around
    31:20   Tomi Malm - Walkin' on Air
    36:00   Dave Barnes - Carry on, San Vicente
    43:20   Judith Owen - Train Out Of Hollywood
    47:00   The Norwegian Fords - Surfing On The Sun
    57:20   Max Meazza - Forward Motion
    1:01:00   Mandoo - Summer Breezin
    1:04:40   Daniel Andersson - Keep On Trying
    1:14:20   Nate Williams - D.T.M.B. (feat. Vula)
    1:29:00   Monkey House - Anyone
    1:34:20   Sun Rai - San Francisco Street
    1:42:00   Ed Motta - 1978
    1:46:20   The Sonic Executive Sessions - Cold Front
    1:50:40   Peter Friestedt - Cheyenne
    2:03:00   A Taste of California - My Lady
    2:06:40   Tristan - Lifestyle
    2:14:20   Atar Shafighian - Test Drive
    2:16:00   Atar Shafighian - Reflections
    2:24:00   TOBB - Sweet Marie featuring Bill Champlin
    2:36:00   Bernie Chiaravalle - Love Waits for You
    2:44:00   The Beauty Room - One Man Show
    2:50:20   Andreas Aleman - If it’s a dream
    3:03:00   Geyster - Jane
    3:06:00   George & G - Don't Give It Up

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