LATE NIGHT DREAM Presents DiMano & David Lucarotti Tribute To Steely Dan320kbit/s

    LATE NIGHT DREAM Presents DiMano & David  Lucarotti Tribute To Steely Dan by LATE NIGHT DREAM
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Like all fans of Steely Dan, the death of Walter Becker, saddened me. They are for me THE absolute reference as to my musical choices. This melting pot of influences, jazz-rock, westcoast, soul, blues, these compos to the arrangements, melodies or harmonies ultra sophisticated, this extreme perfectionism of the production. All this demand that I seek in music makes the synthesis of Steely Dan. To pay tribute to them, I wanted to do it precisely by those whose artistic universe was totally inspired by the duo New York.
with groups or artists, more or less known whose legacy Steely Danien is obvious...The cuervo Gold, the fine colombian, makes tonight a wonderful thing, say it again ...

01.Laurence Elder - So Easy01.Laurence Elder - So Easy
02.Jay Graydon & Randy Goodrum - GPS
03.The Norwegian Fords - Surfin on the sun
04.The Cornelius Bumpus Quartet - Inside you
05.Raw Stylus - 03 37 Hours (In the U.S.A.)
06.The Tom Walker Group - One More Thing
07.Rusted Man - Skin
08.Kere Buchanan - Miss Joephine
09.State Cows - Lost in a Mind Game
10.The Breithaup Brothers - Where's Mantis Evar
11.Ed Motta - Marta
12.Atar Shafighian - The Rush
13.Diane Tell - Souvent Longtemps Énormément
14.Ole Børud - Stepping Up
15.Terramara - Black & Grey
16.Bad Sneakers - I Want You Out
17.Bamboo Brothers - The Nightfly Album
18.Mandoo - Glow
19.Far Cry - Its Not As Simple As That
20.M.Sasaji & L.A. Allstars - Green Flower Street
21.Rob Galbraith - Well always have Detroit
22.Jango - Hi Hopes-Lo Bridges
23.Royal Showdown - Don't Tell The Neighbours
24.Joyce Cooling - This Girl's Got To Play
25.Urs Wiesendanger - California
26.The Sonic Executive Sessions - Cold Front
27.Greg Lyon's Hip Operation feat. Kere Buchanan - That's The Plan
28.Camelle Hinds - The Beauty Of You
29.Steve March Torme - Stranger Birds Do Fly
30.Smoma - Do It Again
31.Frank Gambale - FM
32.Smooth Reunion - The Connection
33.DP - Statue Of Choice
34.Late For Breakfast - The Way It Is
35.Atar & the Funkadrome - Smile For the Camera
36.Samuel Purdey - Santa Rosa
37.Steve Lukather - Stab in the back
38.Bobby Caldwell - Cover Girl

    0:00   Laurence Elder - So Easy
    5:20   JaR (Jay Graydon & Randy Goodrum) - Gps
    9:20   The Norwegian Fords - Surfing On The Sun
    13:40   Various Artists - Inside You
    20:00   Raw Stylus - 37 Hours
    25:20   The Tom Walker Group - One More Thing
    39:40   State Cows - Lost in a Mind Game
    46:40   The Breithaupt Brothers (feat. Monkey House) - Where's Mantis Evar?
    51:40   Ed Motta - Smile
    56:00   Atar Shafighian - The Rush
    1:02:20   Diane Tell - Souvent longtemps énormément
    1:06:00   Ole Børud - Stepping Up
    1:11:20   Terramara - Black & Grey
    1:27:00   Mandoo - Glow
    1:34:20   M. Sasaji - Green Flower Street
    1:38:20   Rob Galbraith - We'll Always Have Detroit
    1:43:00   Jango - Hi Hopes - Lo Bridges
    1:52:00   Joyce Cooling - This Girl's Got To Play
    1:56:20   Urs Wiesendanger - California
    2:00:00   The Sonic Executive Sessions - Cold Front
    2:15:00   Steve March-Tormé - Stranger Birds Do Fly
    2:20:40   Smoma - Do It Again
    2:26:00   Frank Gambale - FM
    2:31:40   Various Artists - The Connection
    2:36:40   DP - Statue of Choice
    2:41:00   Gerry Pantazis - The Way It Is
    2:55:00   Samuel Purdey - Santa Rosa
    2:59:20   Steve Lukather - Stab in the Back
    3:05:00   Bobby Caldwell - Cover Girl

    Westcoast, Groove, Soul, Funk, Brazil, Smooth Jazz, Fusion, Disco, Acid-Jazz., Tribute
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