LATE NIGHT DREAM Presents David Lucarotti & DiMano Valhalla Tribute To L.A Grooves320kbit/s

    LATE NIGHT DREAM Presents David Lucarotti  & DiMano Valhalla Tribute To L.A Grooves by LATENIGHT DREAM FACTORY
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Valhalla Tribute To L.A Grooves; A little spotlight, on the small northern pearls with Californian inspirations. The Fjords meet Malibu, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish artists totally imbued with Californian culture, the refinement of its discreet groove, its melodies which are an invitation to travel. Here is the first volume, where the winds of the North Sea will transport you to Venice beach ...

01.Stefan Gunnarsson - Stop, Look, Listen
02.Lava - Wendy's Painting Pictures
03.Therese Ulvan - Life Of A Broken Heart
04.Bjarne Beltoft - We are what we are (Bjarne Beltoft, Ole Kibsgaard)
05.Daniel Andersson - Keep on Trying
06.State Cows - Lost in a Mind Game
07.Bad Sneakers - I Want You Out
08.Ronny Johansson - Solid Ground
09.Tom Hansen Feat. Kenneth Eriksen, John ''JR'' Robinson, Peter Friestedt - My Lady
10.DP - Statue Of Choice
11.William Sikström - I Need You
12.Terje Fjelde - Julie
13.TOBB and Bill Champlin - Sweet Marie
14.Bent Patey - Seven Years
15.Morten Holm Pettersen - No Hard Feelings
16.Eivind Løberg - What can i say
17.Freddy Dahl - Too Much
18.Andreas Aleman - If It's A Dream
19.Westpoint - Come on and Sing
20.Busborg - Alone Tomorrow
21.Jan Torp & Jeff Pescetto - When I Say Im Over You
22.High Red - I Got It Bad

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    0:00   Stefan Gunnarsson - Stop Look Listen
    3:40   Lava - Wendy's Painting Pictures
    7:20   Therese Ulvan - Life of a Broken Heart
    11:20   Bjarne Beltoft - We Are What We Are
    14:40   Daniel Andersson - Keep On Trying
    20:00   State Cows - Lost in a Mind Game
    30:40   Ronny Johansson - Solid Ground
    36:20   A Taste of California - My Lady
    40:00   DP - Statue of Choice
    44:20   William Sikstrom - I Need You
    51:20   TOBB - Sweet Marie featuring Bill Champlin
    55:20   Patey's Pipe - Seven Years
    1:00:20   MORTEN HOLM - No hard feelings
    1:10:40   Andreas Aleman - If it’s a dream
    1:15:00   Westpoint - Come On and Sing
    1:19:00   Peter Busborg - Alone Tomorrow
    1:22:40   Jeff Pescetto - When I say I´m over you
    1:26:20   High Red - I Got It Bad

    Westcoast, Groove, Soul, Funk, Smooth Jazz, Fusion, Tribute, Valhalla
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